Nutritional Awareness Camp in Slum

PUSHP Organised the Nutritional Awareness Camp at Slum in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. Senior Dr. Anshu Jain visited and share the importance of Nutrition with the present 44 people. She discussed the healthy diet, nutritious food recipes, food storage methods and also gave the information about hygiene and primary efforts for prevention of diseases. As we all know that the Ministry of women and child development is already promoted the importance of Nutritional food.

One Response to Nutritional Awareness Camp in Slum

  1. B.D. Mishra says:

    An astounding and magnificent profoundly thought of humanity, which only seldom people come forward for such highly noble services for the downtrodden helpless human beings. I pray , from my heart of hearts, God the Almighty to bless Mrs Pushpa supremely for such dedicated services for the helpless children. May God bless them all.

    – B.D. Mishra Jaipur

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