Education is basis of life. Despite being the biggest democracy in the world, India is struggling with the giant of Illiteracy. One – Third of the population still stays in rural regions while villages keep going backward sans education and other fundamental facilities. Population explosion in urban areas acts as a significant factor for a large section of the country to go backward and live in the state of illiteracy. Poor are living on the roads, illiterates remain to be unemployed, untrained ones live in acute poverty and a large ratio of the population has to survive without basic facilities of food, clothing and shelter. Lack of education is the first and foremost reason for this current sorry scenario of the country. Mahatma Gandhi opined that primary education nowadays is inordinately expensive and because of sheer poverty, most students are unable to reach High School. ‘PUSHP’ organization continues to eliminate this disturbing distance through expansion and promotion of education.

‘PUSHP’ believes the figures of United Nations and World Literacy Foundation, which say that India needs to do a lot in the sector of education. According to United Nations, 287 million people in India aren’t educated and that’s four times larger than France’s total population. It highly requires so much to be done for expansion and promotion of education in India, Economic and Social Cost of Literacy Report of World Literacy Foundation says. For the purpose, we need to spend 3 lakh crore rupees every year. As far as the figures of World Literacy Foundation say, India is still included amongst the biggest uneducated nations in 61 million illiterates of the world. Aims are absolute high. A lot remains to be accomplished. To touch the big targets, ‘PUSHP’ organization is adherently working on specialized promotional programs for education.

MERI SCHOOL: The program named ‘MERI SCHOOL’ has gained popularity in the entire state of Rajasthan. Through the program, children who work as rag pickers, kids who beg on crossroads and financially backward children are provided education. These children aren’t able to go schools otherwise. As a part of this program, schools are getting organized on varied spots in Rajasthan.

EDUCATIONAL SELF – DEPENDENCE PROGRAM: Through this program, ‘PUSHP’ organization indentifies needy children, whose families aren’t able to get them educated, out of various villages, towns and cities of Rajasthan. The program includes education of children, who come from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families. Support cards are issued to children also, so that these children could get help from the organization, when in need.

DIGITAL EDUC ATION PROGRAM: Mobile and Computer education is imparted in rural and backward regions, through this program. Training camps are organized at varied spots, where children and grown – ups are unaware of computer knowledge and they get to learn to operate computer, use internet and send e – mails. Vivid exercises are performed to make the people closer to technological advancements and match pace with the growing world.




It won’t be hyperbolic to say that increasing environmental imbalance would be the biggest global worry, in the days to come. Ecological imbalance has disturbed the environment to an alarming extent. Consumption of resources has touched unpredictable heights. Forests are being cut, in the name of urbanization. These environmental problems are going to be extensively troublesome in the approaching days. Keeping this sorry state in mind, ‘PUSHP’ organization is conducting specialized programs in many districts. From very beginning, organization keeps spreading messages for Environment Protection amongst schools, colleges, rural areas and polluted cities. Besides, organization is performing large scale plantation programs as well.

An enthusiastic team by ‘PUSHP’ continues to work towards Environment Protection in different regions. Through ‘ECO CARE PROGRAM’ of the organization, large leveled actions are taking place in Jaipur along with Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Pali, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Churu, Jalore, Ajmer, Tonk, Dausa, Kota, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Udaipur. With keeping an active eye on Environment Protection, endeavors are being done towards Water Conservation also. A team of expertise is indulged in villages and urban areas for the promotion of water conservation, which includes efforts to save and store water, adopt protected ways of irrigation and preserve rain waters.



A wholesome society isn’t possible to be shaped sans sound health. ‘PUSHP’ organization is running programs to provide aid to the poor people, who’re surviving without medical assistance. The passionate team of ‘PUSHP’ offers a helping hand to backward section of the society and provides health facilities, medicines and doctors in slums of the cities.

Large sections of society which live in slums, going through acute poverty, have got benefitted from Health related programs by ‘PUSHP’. Our vision is to provide medical assistance to those poor people, who’re identified through surveys in different cities of Rajasthan. Organization has been granting help for expensive treatments of people in urban areas and remote rural regions, which is possible through donors only. This aid is sent to the people in form of medicines and medical fee etc.

‘PUSHP’ organization makes big – sized attempts for Health Awareness Campaigns. Organization has been actively contributing in Aids Awareness Campaign in different districts of Rajasthan since the year of 2008. Concerned awareness programs are promoted through awareness rallies, posters, pamphlets and brochures.




Only Women Empowerment can establish a deep – seated society, in true sense. Along with conducting Women Education Campaign, ‘PUSHP’ is making passionate efforts and initiatives to connect women with employment. Since the foundation of the organization, it has been helping women to gain self – employment in rural and urban regions. Attempts are done to educate women, to promote novel ways of communication and to let them stand strong and raise voices for their rights. Till today, women are considered to lag behind than men, in the traditional state of Rajasthan.  This is the reason; ‘PUSHP’ organization focuses on women’s mainstreaming along with protecting their rights. Large number of women is offered opportunities to participate in ‘MERI SCHOOL PROGRAM’, in many districts of the state. Women Empowerment has always been one of the prime motives of ‘PUSHP’ organization.



Solar Energy is counted to be the most powerful resource of alternative energy, in future. Rural regions in India still get inadequate amount of electricity. That’s why; Solar Energy would be considered the biggest alternative of energy, in the time to come. ‘PUSHP’ organization is running awareness programs to promote Solar Energy, especially in rural areas. Besides, villagers are promoted and motivated to step ahead in this direction.