PUSHP received WORLD RECORD certificate from LONDON

World Book of Records, LONDON recognize the official attempt by PUSHP NGO. The World Record (Longest Chain of Paper Hearts) official attempt (02nd Feb. 2018) was made by PUSHP NGO at Youth Hostel (Jaipur); with the mission to spread the message; “Daughters are precious”. During this interesting event, 12,051 paper hearts were connected through a single thread.

Along with PUSHP (NGO), A U Bank Jaipur Marathon, Healthy Food Bazaar (HFB), IAS Naveen Jain and IPS Pankaj Choudhry attempted for this world record. Earlier, Singapore social welfare organisation showcased 8,525 paper hearts in May 2017; which were connected in a 951.18 Meter long thread.

PUSHP NGO has been working for Child Rights and various social concerns since 2008. Through the world record; PUSHP has attempted to appeal for help in education of marginalized kids; and to save unborn daughters. The awareness program has been connected with world record attempt to spread the social message to the masses.

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