‘PUSHP’ is a Non Government Organization, that has played a very significant role concerning Rajasthan’s Education, Health, Environment and Women Empowerment since 31st January, 2008. ‘PUSHP’ has been working successfully, from several last years, with taking the concept forward of mainstreaming of the marginalized. Approaching the rural and remote areas, needy ones have been associated with Self – Dependence programs. The organization continues and contributes through well known ‘MERI SCHOOL’ named program for education along with Educational Self – Dependence Program, Digital Education Program, Eco Care Club, Health and Aids Awareness Program, Women Empowerment Campaign and many other programs for development.

‘PUSHP’, which is established by seven members who are actively engaged with social service, is going ahead with mutual support of common public and guidance of intellectuals. Besides implementing various programs for social welfare, ‘PUSHP’ continues to promote needy ones also. Talents are getting promoted. Marginalized and backward people are getting hands to help. ‘PUSHP’ organization is climbing the ladder of success in Rajasthan’s development and conveys the programs on grass root basis. Organization is achieving its aim to serve needy section of the society.



We look forward to promote a society, established on the basis of Truth, Justice, Rights, Culture and Mutual Help. All this will lead towards the whole development of society in real spirit and sense. We dream of eradicating the darkness of illiteracy through expansion of Education. We aim at eliminating the lack of facilities to provide Health and Medicinal Help in urban, rural and remote regions. We wish to move ahead towards mainstreaming of women, who’re marginalized in society.  We proceed on the path to improve current disturbing Ecological Balance and to put maximum efforts to protect the Environment. Prime Vision of ‘PUSHP’ is to maintain a Transparent Social System with bringing the marginalized people ahead.
MISSION: We at ‘PUSHP’commit ourselves 
  • Mainstreaming of the people, who’re marginalized and backward socially, economically, mentally, physically and spiritually, with making them strengthened. 
  • Identifying the needs of the region, person and section to achieve the aim of the organization and help them be self – dependent.
  • Being a capable resource for the needy ones, with shortening the barriers which come in the way of common public to get benefitted from programs of Government and Non – Governmental agencies.


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